Benefits of Our Solution

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Each of us experiences network delays, crashes, and throttling from time to time. Freesky protocol is based on a software-defined network that will eliminate the legacy and inefficient packet routing. Frisky supports high-speed link bonding and reliability.

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Freesky ensures that all data traffic is private due to the standard end-to-end encryption. No-one can track, store, or sell users ’data, including third parties.

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Freesky allows users to take part in the creation of internet providers ’work. The user can disable nodes (if they are seemed malicious) following the overall agreement.

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Freesky is based on the community. We offer people to contribute to our network. As a reward, they receive sky coins that can be used in the network’s applications.


How Does It Work?

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1. We use firmware on the network routers to run the technology that enables the Freesky system.
2. The firmware launches the routing protocol that allows routers to pay each other for bandwidth and automate network configuration.

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3. Routers connect via the equipment that meets the needs of any local community.
4. Routers comprise the Freesky network that serves buildings, neighborhoods, and communities.

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5. Freesky network operators organized the transport network and help to maintain the local network.
6. Users are interested in expanding the network by connecting their neighbors to the Freesky network since they receive sky coins for every GB of data passing through their router.


December-June, 2020Architecture development
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- Architecture development
- Network architecture development
- Calculating connection price and quality algorithm development
- Choice of routing protocol
- Routers software development

July, 2020Token Sale
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- Token sale
- Token distribution

July-August, 2020Testing System
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- Routers software testing
- Price and quality testing
- User-friendly software with a built-in wallet development

September, 2020Project Live
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- Official routers firmware version 1.0.1 release
- Official wallet version release

Network Overview

To simplify the network architecture explanation we present several roles that devices can perform. Note that these roles are not physical but logical. Thus, one device can perform several roles simultaneously:

  • User nodes
  • Relay nodes
  • Output nodes
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Our Team

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Roy Coleman Founder & CEO
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Osmar Simmons Co-founder & CTO
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Pablo Thompson Co-founder & COO
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Holland Rogers Marketing Officer
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Crystal Howard IEO Specialist
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Pauline Young IEO Specialist
team member
Olivier Diaz Cryptocurrency Specialist
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Jeremy Sanchez Technology Officer

Connect to us

Centralized and exclusive providers run the most or Internet access networks. The Internet service provider charges monthly for all routers and network equipment that you use. And most locations have only one or two provider options. So if you don’t like the service or the price, there is nothing that you can do about that. Competition creates new Internet providers, that are large enough to start their own business, but this is not possible for all.

Freesky makes it possible. Our team supports the network's development created by communities and for communities that are based on our equipment. Such an approach helps people to create decentralized Internet providers in their communities as well as manage and develop them easily.

Token Distribution

Total Tokens: 500,000,000 fsk

Bidding: 2,000,000 fsk
Development team: 98,000,000 fsk
Аirdrop: 200.000.000 fsk
Staking pool: 200,000,000 fsk